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The Rotary Club of Wilmette has merged with the Wilmette Harbor Rotary Club, the combined clubs are now all officially the Rotary Club of Wilmette. The original Wilmette Rotary Club was chartered in 1924 and was known as the Noon Club.  In 1990, the Wilmette Harbor Club was chartered, and was known as the Morning Club.  In 2019, a satellite club was established as part of the Noon group.  Today there are over 80 active members who gather to do good for others while enjoying good fellowship, with the choice of meeting either morning, noon or evening.

Our Club members enthusiastically live the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” both locally and internationally. Recent projects include water well installation at schools in Angola, food packing and providing necessities to the homeless in Chicago, supplying ultrasound equipment and related training to people in Uganda, providing disaster relief supplies to hurricane, typhoon, and other natural disaster survivors, providing winter coats and shoes to low-oncome children, food packing for people in Guatemala and Central America, and supporting local food pantries, literacy efforts and diversity.

NOTICE: We are currently meeting in-person on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 am and Noon, and the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6pm. Our meeting place for the 7:30 am meeting is the Sheridan Shores Yacht Club.  The Noon group meets at 1pm at Eva Dean's Bakery & Cafe, 1115 Wilmette Ave., Wilmette.  The evening meeting is at St. Joseph Church, Wilmette.

We’d love to have you join us!

Club Information

Our Motto: Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.
Eva Dean's Bakery & Cafe
1115 Central Avenue
Wilmette, IL 60091
United States of America
(847) 722-2115
We have 3 groups: two meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7:30am at the Wilmette Harbor Club and at 1pm at Eva Dean's Bakery. The evening group meets 1st Tuesday 6pm at St. Joseph Church, Wilmette. Mailing address: PO Box 111, Wilmette, IL 60091
Morning Meeting: Dick Farkas is a  Professor of Political Science at DePaul University. He has over fifty years of experience teaching about Russia and Ukraine. He spoke to us about cyber-crime and cyberwarfare. He explained that there is no such thing as cyber security, despite what is advertised by companies that sell "security" software.  The only security they can provide is from amateur hackers; the more sophisticated hacker can always get into your system.  Ransomware has become a very lucrative business as large companies that get hacked usually end up paying the hackers. The best advice he could give was to be as unimportant as possible so you will not become a likely target for hackers.
Midday Meeting: Lexy Gore, Chair of Community Outreach  and  Holly Stevens, President of Community Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.™) spoke to us about their volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the communities of Chicago's North Shore by fostering and supporting healthy, positive relationships between people and companion animals. They provide care to cats and dogs to prepare them for adoption.  When some of these animals first come to the shelter, they were abandoned and/or mistreated, so C.A.R.E. staff and volunteers nurture and return them to health before making them available to adopt. They also provide pet food to help owners to maintain healthy pets. for more information visit  https://www.carenorthshore.org/pantry .
Seven Rotarians marched in this year's Memorial Day Parade in Wilmette;  Jim Pockross, Mary White, Kurt Zoller, Mariana Alfar, Debora Morris, Patty Ohle and Brian Bradley.  We handed out small American flags and beads with Rotary medallions (created by Patty Ohle) along the route.  It is always fun and good exercise to participate in this annual event.
Member John Kilner presented a fascinating interactive method to prepare an Advance Directive or make medical decisions for an immediate medical situation. Using a program accessed through MedicalDecisions.info one can choose a direction to go based on several different scenarios.  At the end, a document is produced that can be used (once witnessed) as an Advance Directive for medical care.  This is a method that is thought-provoking and important for all adults, regardless of age, to navigate through in preparation for unforeseen medical situations. This online program is free and private.
Final numbers indicate that we raised over $10,000 from the Hope Walk for the Homeless. Proceeds will be distributed next year to the Rotary Clubs that participated based on their level of participation.  All Rotary Clubs will donate to organizations that provide services to the homeless in our area. Besides our club, the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club had the greatest participation as a group. We also had participants from the Rotary Clubs of Evanston, Glenview Sunrise and Winnetka/Northfield, the Women's Club of Wilmette, Connections for the Homeless, La Casa Norte, Interfaith Action of Evanston, and many friends, neighbors and others who wanted to be part of this fundraising effort.  Thank you to all who participated, including the volunteers who helped to set up and insure the event ran smoothly.
Abdullah Ansari,  Asma Jarad and Ahlam Al-Jebory spoke to us about ICNA, Islamic Circle of North America. This non-profit humanitarian organization provides, food, shelter, education, preventative health care and job assistance to all people of need in the Rogers Park community. Although founded by those of the Islamic faith and culture, ICNA works will people of all faiths and has sponsors that include Christian, Jewish and local business organizations as well. They serve newly arrived immigrants, to more established individuals in the community- working with over 14 different nationalities. They stress love, humility, compassion, and respect.
Kara Teeple, CEO and Moira Tuffy, VP of Development for Lawrence Hall, spoke to us about the important and impressive work being done with Chicago's youth and  families to overcome childhood  trauma and foster long-term healing and stability. They also work to rebuild trust and connection in the surrounding communities.
Annually serving over 1,400 youth and families, their core programs help peel back the different, difficult layers of childhood trauma and prepare individuals to live independent and productive lives. Their core programs include: Child and Family Treatment; Therapeutic Day School; Foster Care; Transitional and Independent Living; Workforce Development; Community Wellness.
To see slides of their presentation, contact debora@pftl.net
Los Angeles arranger/composer/producer John Philip Shenale and local music journalist/rock author Lisa Torem preseented an interesting program that explained the impact of AI on the music industry.  They emphasized that an artist's background is many times infused in his or her music which is lost with AI.  The time and energy an artist spends to develop their style and expression should not be underestimated.  Lisa and Phil played several selections from artists they have worked with for many years, explaining how their background stories  affected their music. 
Joe Coughlin is a co-founder and the editor in chief of The Record North Shore. The Record North Shore is a nonpartisan community newsroom dedicated to the North Shore suburbs of Chicago.  Joe spoke about the non-political nature of his publication, which is a non-profit and endeavors to bring unbiased, straightforward news of interest to the North Shore. He stressed the importance of feedback and information from his readers to keep the news stories current and relevant. Although The Record is free, a subscirption can be purchased which helps to keep the publication going. Joe was candid about need to keep the publication objective and report on newsworthy events that the public wants to know about.
Lucy Mellen, Sustainability Coordinator for the Village of Wilmette and Wilmette Park District gave an excellent and informative presentation about what "sustainability" is, what it looks like in Wilmette, and what you can do at home to be more environmentally-conscious.  Lucy enthusiastically related the projects that are ongoing and planned in Wilmette, including creating and maintaining native habitats, conserving water, reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency and educatiing residents on the importance of sustainability. 
The morning group heard from Paul Boer with the Chicago Furniture Bank. This non-profit organization founded in July of 2018,  serves as an intermediary between Chicagoans who have extra furniture and those who need it. They provide furnishing packages to clients in need that include beds, couches, armchairs, dressers, desks, end tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables + chairs, dishware, rugs, lamps, artwork, mirrors, and more. As of 2023, the Chicago Furniture Bank has furnished over 13,000 homes for over 21,000 people and given away furniture weighing over 6,000 tons. Each home furnished by the Chicago Furniture Bank provides stability, dignity, and comfort to a Chicagoan in need.
The noon group heard from Sarah Murphy of Toes n' Water. This grass-roots organization's mission is to make those who love and use Lake Michigan become aware of how to protect it, explore it, and adore it. Through educational workshops, beach clean-ups, and everyday tips, they hope to make it easy for people to become "guardians" of Lake Michigan.

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Jun 26, 2024 7:30 AM
ChatGPT Basics: A Beginners Guide to Revolutionary AI”
ChatGPT Basics: A Beginners Guide to Revolutionary AI”

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